Strumming pattern for "Mogathirai" fom the movie Pizza

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  1. Ayyappan

    Ayyappan New Member

    Please try this and let me know ur feedback.

    Un Uyir Adhan Isai

    Thaen Tharum Poovin Idhazho
  2. kamaleshwar

    kamaleshwar New Member

    Ya its okay please provide more.....
  3. Kriish

    Kriish New Member

    Please try tis n let me know hw is it

    Un Uyir Adhan Isai
    B 0---0-7--5-7--7-5

    Thaen Tharum Poovin Idhazho
    B 5-----0--2----7---10-875

    Mogathirai Mundram Pirai
    B 10-8-6-8--10-8-6-8--

    Moongil Maaram Mutham Tharum
    B 10---8--6--7---8--7----6--7

    Mogathirai Moonram Pirai
    B 10-8-6-8--10-8-6-8

    Moongil Maram Mutham Tharum
    B 10---8--6-7---8--7----6--7
  4. myrules

    myrules Member

    Hi krish,

    Good try.. Keep posting..

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