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  1. subheet

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    can i have the strumming patterns of the followinf songs:

    aashayein (iqbal)
    woh lamhe (jal original )
    neele neele amber (Kalakar)
    bulla ki jaana (Rabbi)
    allah ke bande (Kailash Kher )
    here i am (Bryan Adams )
    dum maaro dum
    bheege bheege (gangster)
    Words (Boyzone )

    and any other hit song whose strumming pattern u are familiar with !!

    and please don say that i shud feel d song and juss catch d strumming patterns by juss havin a feel aof it.....coz i ttried dat i it didn work out.....
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    Plesae tell me the strum patterns for these songs coz i also want to how to strum these songs

    thx in advance
  3. paranoid13rohan

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    Tabbing Pattern : WOH LAMHEY - JAL

    wel if u r playin it on d acoustic, u can strum d whole song on 1 pattern - | d du du du | du du d d |


    | d du du du | d du du du |

    i remmbr rabbi played dis song on a diff pattern at MTV MUSIC SESSIONS ... which is - | du u u u | du u u u | ... dis is d same pattern as dat of "MUSTAFA MUSTAFA DON'T WORRY MUSTAFA" ... i hope u understand ...
  4. subheet

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    Thanx a lot Rohan...That was helpful.

    Also the best method of posting the patterns cud be by recording it to computer
    and uploading the mp3 ( as a few hav done ) as u can get the timings also . .........
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  6. g0g0l

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    Bheegi bheegi pattern is
    |D DUDU||D DUDU|

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