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  1. asif_rox

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    Well as such there is no such thing called a particular pattern..u strum the song as it goes but after playing songs over and over again u are able to seggregate your hand movements. I am starting this thread for all those interseted.Here are few i have seggregated..will keep adding more.A request to other fellow guitarist be free to add to this post!!!!

    Pal (KK)- Down Down / Up down up down /down up down up (DD/UDUD/DUDU)
    at Slow speed

    Zombie (acoustic -Cranberries) Down Down / Up down up down /down up down up (DD/UDUD/DUDU)
    atModerate speed

    Penny royal Tea (Nirvana) - Down Down Up Up Down (DDUUD) at slow speed
    ***During Verse twice on Am and Once on G second time Just Down Down Up (DDU) then base note G F# (6th String).In chorus once on C ,D or D11 and twice on A#****

    Nothing else matters (Metallica) -Down / Down Up Down Up (D/dudu) at modearte speed

    Take it easy (Eagles) - Down Down Up Up Down (DDUUD) at moderate speed

    Papa Kehtein hai (QSQST) - Down Down Up Up Down (DDUUD) at moderate speed

    Last Kiss (Pearl jam) -Down Down Up Up Down (DDUUD) at slow speed

    Knocking on heavens door (GNR- Acoustic) - Down / Down Down Up (D/d d u) at slow speed
    Tired for now will update more ..soon!!!!
  2. rocker_vish

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    gr8 job dude
  3. asif_rox

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    Strummin patterns


    Well here are few others
    Bulevard of Broken dreams (acoustic) - Down / Down Up Down Up (D/dudu)at moderate speed with the exception for the chaord B where there are Only down strums

    Hero (Nickelblack) - Down / Down Up Down Up (D/dudu) at slow speed

    No Rain (Blind melon)- Intro:- E in the 7th fret and D in the fifth fret Stumiing on E:- Down Down Up Down (D/dud) and on D UpxUpxUpXUP Down UP (Up Up Up/ Up Down Up)
    x-means muting sting after strum
    Verse Stumming (all chords in open position) :- Down Down/ Down Up Down Up/Up Down Up/Up Down (DD/dudu/udu/ud)
    On A:-Down Down/ Down Up Down Up/Up Down (DD/dudu/ud)
    and on G:- Up Up Up (UUU)

    Sutta (Zeest) :- Down Down (on G and C) and Up Up Up /Down Up Down Up (U U U/ dudu) atModerate speed

    Wil Add more later..
  4. bda12pleaseu

    bda12pleaseu New Member

    hey guys new here just wondering if any one new the pattern for {eagle eye cherry's-save tonight}
  5. ahmedthe1

    ahmedthe1 New Member

    Hey dude can u post the strumming pattern of Knockin On Heaven's Door i.e by Avril ?
  6. sanchit23

    sanchit23 New Member

    hey guys need the strumming pattern for its my life by bon jovi and another brick in the wall by pink flyod nad also for knocking on heavens door
  7. sanchit23

    sanchit23 New Member

    also for the song doorie by atif
    the strummin patten
  8. asif_rox

    asif_rox New Member


    Well Strumming for Save tonight is
    Dow Down Down/Up Down Up Down Down/Up Down Up Down Down/Up Down Up Down Down ((DDD/UDUDD/UDUDD/UDUDD) at moderate or i think a bit fast
    Chords for the entire song is Am F C G

    DDD -Am
  9. asif_rox

    asif_rox New Member


    Alright i have already posted the strumming for Koncking on heavens door well the strumming on the third chord is different but u can get away with Down/down Up down Up x2

    For Arvil's Version we need a CAPO in the Fifth fret
  10. asif_rox

    asif_rox New Member

    Another brick

    Well havent tried Unplugged version of it's my life, but electric version is mostly Down strums

    Knocking on heavens door has already been posted (acoustic)

    Another brick is not easy to write down but i will post it within few days
  11. jokinen13

    jokinen13 New Member

    Hey there guitar gurus!

    This site has already helped me, but now I need help with Dolly Parton's song Jolene. Could someone tell me how the strumming goes in it? Thanks allready
  12. asif_rox

    asif_rox New Member

    Well never heard abt. that song/band
  13. prashant_tunes

    prashant_tunes New Member

    thank you all
  14. rajuintelli

    rajuintelli New Member

    Thanks allot
  15. rajuintelli

    rajuintelli New Member

    Strummings for doorie plz
  16. asif_rox

    asif_rox New Member

    Sorry dude dont' listen much to that kinda of music!!!!!
  17. abhishekup123

    abhishekup123 New Member

    can i plz hav the strumming pattern for GMD???
  18. asif_rox

    asif_rox New Member

    Gmd Strum

    well lost the Mp3 if u can send me the song i will try to do the needful
  19. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    can u gimme da strumming patren of woh lamhe by jal........on acoustic......
  20. abhishekup123

    abhishekup123 New Member

    its D UUD UUD <<< wo lamhe

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