Strings: Kahani mohabbat ki chords

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  1. kl12

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    hi all
    here are the chords of the song " kahani mohabbat ki" by STRINGS.

    Eb : x68886
    Cm: x35543
    G#: 466544
    A#: 688766
    Fm: 133111

    (Eb)kahani mohabbat ki hai mukhtasir
    gaya dil say phir woh na ayaa idher
    kabhi koi thaa meri (Cm)rahoon ka (G#)ik humsa(A#)far

    kar giya (Fm)dil ka woh soona (G#)nagar..
    koi (Cm)rasta na koi (A#)dagar

    ussay (G#)dhoondo kahan ussay (A#)paoon kahan
    ajj (Cm) mein hoon kahan woh (A#) kahan

    same chords for the rest of song..figure it out urself.
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  2. grimreeper_007

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    mind blowing jab man!!!!
  3. faraz khan

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    nice job man!! reps 4 ya!!
  4. rizaaj

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    great work KL12.. reps if it allows me to..

    btw.. i was wondering whats the full form of ur user ID.. ?
  5. kl12

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    thanks rizaaj..well nothing special in my id..i choose it coz it becomes easy typing KL12 on keyboard... ( k and L are adjacent and 1 and 2 are adjacent).. so is just giv me a quick login..
    :beer: ..
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    awesome man rock
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    thanks rickky......
  8. Aka Oz

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    goood wrkkkkkkkkkkk..............thumbs up
  9. rikkyrocks

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    i need the chords for the sngs....
    deko kaise ......naa jaaney kyun. by strings.
    doooor ,....... by strings,
  10. well plz tell me the album name..i want to hear the song...
  11. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    i think the album name is DHAANI
  12. ok bhai thanks rizaaj...
  13. nishadbdg

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    Kahani Mohabbat ki tabs

    Excellent work bro can u give me the tab of this song

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