Stranger Cube 20M for Sale + OG \m/etal CDs

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    Stranger Cube 20M + GT-8 case + OG \m/etal CDs & \m/erchandise


    Got this 2 Year old 20 Watts Stranger Cube lying around.Will let it go for 1200 bucks.Mumbai buyers preferred otherwise you meet the postage expenses.PM if intrested.

    GT-8 Processor case/gig bag

    A very high quality padded & cushioned Boss GT-8 case available for a measly 300 bucks.


    Few Original CDs, patches & T-Shirt for sale as well.None of these are distro left overs or cheap Russian pressings that are floating around nowadays.All from my personal collection & some CD pressings are difficult to get even in the international market.Trades are welcome but only for vinyls or computer parts.Prices are different for each item & some are very cheap so feel free to drop a PM or post here if intrested. :band:


    VENOM - Black Metal (Neat Records/Sanctuary 2002) Comes in an embossed slipcase
    USURPER - Visions from the Gods (Necropolis Records 2000)
    SADISTIK EXEKUTION - Fukk (Osmose Productions 2002)
    SATANIC SLAUGHTER - The Early Years : Dawn Of Darkness (Necropolis Records 2001)
    VENOM - Cast In Stone DCD (Steamhammer 1997) 2 CD version
    BLACK MASS/HELLRAISED - Alliance Of Evil - Split (Grim Nocturnal Records 2004)
    DEATH - Human (Relativity 1991) - First pressing.Some heavy wear on the CD but doesn't skip.Ask about it.
    CANDLELIGHT USA - Winter Sampler 2008 - slipcase.
    TRILOGY OF DESTRUCTION Vol. 1 - Pantera-Exodus-Testament - Pro quality live bootleg.Missing booklet/Tray inlay & loads of scratches but doesn't skip.Free with good deals.


    You are supposed to sew these on denim jackets, caps or bags if you dunno.Genuine band merchandise.

    BURZUM - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (Woven) - Used
    MARDUK - Logo + Green Bandpic 2001 lineup (Woven)
    DARK FUNERAL - White Logo (Woven)
    DISSECTION - Live Legacy (Woven)
    MAYHEM - Silver Logo/Vintage (Woven)
    BLACK WITCHERY - Red Logo (Embroidered)
    BLACK WITCHERY - White Logo (Printed)


    CAPRICORNUS - Der Angriff - L - Grey - Never worn or washed.Original merchandise.

    ....... :beer:
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    Big update for all Headbangers out there :rock:
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    Can u post the pic of capricornus shirt
    and pls quote its price
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    Check your PM.
  5. WarGoat666

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