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  1. zoro11

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    hi frds jst wanna share this ............
    hi frds jst wanna share a story of my guitar .....
    i kept money to celebrate and gift something to my grlfrd
    1 months before i started making plans how i would celebrate it ,i loved her very much day and night she was in my thoughts,i was thinking many thing ..was asking myself how i would surprise her how do i make that day special...
    it was not how i thought,there was something else that i didnt expect ,things were not going right,we had some fight ,jst a week before her birthday she called me on phone and she told not to call her any more dont disturb her and forget her forever, i was very sad didnt know wht wrong i have done, whts my fault,..and as for ever i told the same words to her"AS U WISH"....she didnt love me as i loved her she had more expectations....may be she is not so mature or she is very cunning ...god knows...i told my self ..thanx god for showing me the truth ..thanx 4 giving me those beautifull days..i was so happy,little confused,feeled so much strength within,wanted to live life was excited ,thanx god,that the truth was not so expensive...at first i didnt admited it but saidly or thankfully i came to know the truth..
    in my heart i thanked her because she never got to know me..because i never wanted to see her sad..i always wanted to see her happy ,i never wanted her to regret what she had missed..now i came to know..she was not worth it..not so lucky to be loved......
    it was a day before her birthday one of my good frd told he was visiting one of his old frd ,he asked me to join them so i would be little happy as if i remain alone i will be more sad ..i decided to go we had sheduled to visited his frd 6.pm in evening and return 9-930 pm when we went there we met my frds frd and his room mates who were from darjeeling i saw at one corner there was a guitar,i didnt noticed it much..after an hour one of them asked me if he can play any song for me on the guitar ,i told jst any song soon we all started singing loud ....what a jam i cant belive this, we jammed non stop upto 1 pm and didnt even noticed it was so late night i was ver very happy ,very inspired i got it i know in deep within my soul i always wanted to play this thing but never know all these years i said to my self i will learn to play guitar,and ......
    the money that i kept for herbirthday celebration i buyed a guitar for my self!this is the gr8est gift for myself on this ocasion .....
    i know my guitar will never leave me till my death she will never make me sad never dump me ....
    after buying it i thought to send a last sms to her---hi dear..i had so much planning for ur birthdaty celebration,but things were not as i thought ..dont know why u have done like this with me ,why u left me by the wy i have got a new grlfrd she is so beautifull,she always remain with me ,and the best thing is that she will never dump me..never make me cry.....

    but i never sended this sms to her......cause i promised her ..not to contact her.
    she is in my thoughts all the time and my guitar is the best thing ...to keep her memories alive...i dont regret why she had done this to me why she left me ..i always loved her truely...may be she will realise this one day ..dont know ..my frds say she will call u again dont worry .....dont know ..
    may be all this happen only for the guitar ..because it has to come in my life..whenever i touch my guitar her memories come alive ..
    god knows..all....

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  2. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    You forgot to take your foot out of the frame is all i can say.
  3. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Thats one of those Givson guitars which actually sound worse than the Givson G150 -_- Maybe the guitar aint rockstar-material, but I guess the story is perfect Hawthorne Heights (EMO! -_-) material.
    Heh rock on >.>
    Edit - Oh, its the semi electric one...never played it -.-
  4. zoro11

    zoro11 New Member

    hello bro ......who told that its a GIVSON guitar.....
    and it sound worst ...1st of all its not a givson guitar and secondaly my dear frd its sounds gr8 ,this paticular guitar is selected by a guitarmaster not by a novice..........
    may be u think of urself as a rockStar who knows everything.....
  5. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    That's a givson if i ever saw one. Mine was just the same. But yeah, really, truly inspiring story. Might i point out some of the flaws of replacing your girlfriend with a wooden instrument.

    1) When u hav wood, u no go to wooden instrument

    2) If u hav dead wood, u no go to wooden instrument

    3) Wooden instrument no give wooden babies

    4) No more threesomes

    Please feel free to add to the list.
  6. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    hahhahahahahahahaaa... I love you.
  7. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

    No wonder she left you .. Smart biatch!
  8. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    I love you too <3 :grin:
  9. zoro11

    zoro11 New Member

    @d_ist_urb_ed bro jst some good points ..on ur flaws ...

    @replacing a grl frd 4 a guitar have 2 many good points ..
    true love cant be replaced ...but wht if the other person dont care u have 2 live...
    1. u can see her always any time of the day n nite....
    1. touch her 2 feel her ...
    3. she will never leave u 4ever..
    4. u will be more calm person with her..
    5. u can play with her as u like slow ,fast whatever...
    6. every time something new 2 play..
    and the list goes on ......THINK +VE
  10. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Your guitar will be destroyed over time with body fluids, please bear that in mind.
  11. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

    No matter what, it will still leave the dry feeling between your legs.
  12. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Dude, if you refer to my title, its 'Rockstar In TRAINING' for crying out loud >.> ANd it says Givson on it, anyone can see it, unless one is totally blind (thanks dist ;))
    Besides, I'd take this opportunity to show something which everyone would've already seen, but revelant nevertheless.
    15 reasons why guitars are better than girlfriends:
    #1. Girls dump you. A guitar will always be there when you get home.
    #2. A guitar's minimum requirement is an amp.
    A girl's minimum requirement is shoes, clothes, 
    makeup, a mirror, magazines, more shoes and a tiny handbag. 
    And that's every week!
    #3. You'll never turn on a girl as fast as you can turn on an amp.
    #4. If your guitar sounds crap, you can tune it. 
    If your girl talks crap you're stuck with her.
    #5. Guitar's, unlike girls, have volume control which goes all the way down.
    #6. If you play your guitar crap, it tells you its crap. 
    It doesn't lie and pretend you did it right when you didn't!
    #7. Two girls at once is hard to come by. Double neck guitars are not.
    #8. Your guitar makes a sound only when you want it to.
    #9. Nobody cares when you dump your old, out of date guitar 
    for a new, younger model. In fact it's encouraged.
    #10. With a guitar, you can copy tunes from other songs. 
    With a girl, try telling her you're copying some moves from an ex 
    and she'll throw you out.
    #11. Your guitar doesn't refuse to let you play it once a month.
    #12. Your guitar will never find out if you've been playing another 
    guitar behind its back.
    #13. You don't have to get guitars drunk before using them.
    #14. You can stare at a guitar all you like, but stare at a girl too 
    long and you'll end up in an immense amount of pain.
    #15. Watching other people play the guitar is entertaining. 
    Watching other people do it is just sick!
    Useful huh? I keep it in a txt of special info XD
    May I also add, girls are as prone to being b****y and promiscous as hydrogen is prone to catching fire, but a guitar playing in sync with other guitars/instruments is stuff which makes history xD
    Any person who begs to differ will be termed a femnist, and will be locked up in a public ladies toilet...ugh.

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