step by step guide to writing poems

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  1. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    throw in some rhyme.
    Repeat again n again,
    the same single line

    Add questions
    and weird punctuations
    And dont u forget

    Profound nonsense,
    You can always write
    Just make sure you hav
    a dictionary by ur side

    Scintillating adjectives,
    Oh, its a must
    And u can copy paste 'cliches'
    google the word, on net.

    Let it flow
    whatever that 'it' is
    people will understand
    the meaning as is!

    Rhythm and metre,
    make up a poem they say
    So make sure u have
    in ur desk, a scale

    All great poems
    end with a couplet
    So if u want an example,
    you got it here

  2. accha.....!

    then y didnt u jus say that !!

    i wounder..
  3. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    y dint i say wat?
  4. spydra

    spydra New Member

    I think it was great.
  5. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    thank u :grin:
  6. maxeffect

    maxeffect New Member

    nice ...very nice
    a poem on writing poems... cool concept
  7. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    thanks max :)

    Yet another croem=crap+poem:

    Wat the heck!
    Im writing a poem.
    About wat?
    uhm, something dumb

    About bright stars?
    nah, thats kiddish
    About the blue sky?
    No, no one gives a shit

    Global warming ?
    World peace... ?
    will sound so senti
    and hav readers yawning

    Its gotto be
    cool and trendy,
    and dubbed
    a "Master Piece"

    So, What in the world
    its gonna be about?
    don't bother.
    <Its a full stop>

    PS: 'stop' to be read as 'stoup' for rhyme sake
  8. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    And what if your poems have a lot of prose in it???? like mine do......haha.....
  9. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    hit a couple of more times the enter key :D
  10. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

  11. distorted

    distorted satan


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