st. jimmy

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    st.jimmy's coming down
    across the alleyway
    up on blvd. like a zipgun on parade
    light of a silhouette,he's insubordinate
    coming at you on the count of 1 2 3 4
    my name is jimmy and you
    netter not wear it out
    suicide commando that you r momma
    talked about
    king of 40 thieves
    and i'm here to represent
    the needle in the vein of the establishment
    i'm the pardon saint
    of the denial
    eith an angel face
    and a taste for suicidal
    cigarettes and ramen
    and a little bag of dope
    i'm the son of a bitch and
    edgar allan poe
    raised in the city under the halo of lights
    the product of war and fear
    that we've been victimized
    are you talikng to me?
    my name is st.jimmy
    i'm a son of a gun
    i'm the one thats from way outside
    i'm a teenage assasin
    executing some fun
    in the cult of life of crime
    i'd really hate to say it
    but i told you so
    so shut your mouth before
    i shoot you down ol' boy
    welcome to the club
    and give me some blood
    i'm the resident leader
    of the lost and found
    it's comedy and tragedy
    it's st,jimmy
    and thats my name
    and dont wear it out!!!

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