Soniyo-Raaz 2- Tabs and chords

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  1. amityadav

    amityadav New Member

    Hi guys!
    This is my first tab post at IGT!
    this is a pretty cool song and the chords provided at below link sound pretty neat :-

    I tried my hand at tabbing the song..
    so here goes..

    Please make corrections in case you guys feel the tabs are wrong..

    e --0-2---0-0-2-0h2-0---
    b -2--------------------3-2

    e ----2-0-0-2-0-0-2-2-2-0-
    b -2-4---4-----4----------

    e --0-2---0-0-0-2-0h2-0---
    b -2----------------------3-2

    e ----2-0-0--0--0-2-0--0-2-2-2-0-
    b -2-4---4----4-------4----------
    ya some confusion here!

    e -0---0-2-0-0-0----0-2-0-0
    b --4-4-----------4--------

    e -0-2-4-5--5-2-0-
    b ----------------

    e -0-2---2--4h5--4-----0
    b --4----------------4--

    I'll appreciate help in completing these raw tabs to perfection..
    enjoy guys..
  2. amityadav

    amityadav New Member

    so many views and no comments!!
    pretty sporty guys!
    are the tabs so perfect!!
    I guess not..
    guess I'll have to work them out myself! :)
  3. avi.singh

    avi.singh 6 strings lover

    no dear the chords need to be corrected...
    there are not so more chords as he used.
  4. adithyanair

    adithyanair New Member

    gud attempt bro ..........but cud b better
  5. Uday Bhambri

    Uday Bhambri New Member

    d tabs r like this!!!!!



  6. applesingh2008

    applesingh2008 New Member

    tabs for middle music of the song soniyo-Raaz

    hey all,
    I could find out the chords for the song soniyo-raaz but could not see the music in between the song...please tell me the middle music (verse) for the song soniyo....which comes after the first phrase.please tell the tabs...I hope I made myself clear.


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