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    Hi IGT's. I ve been playing guitar for about 6 months. Dont have a teacher, learned evrything from this site only. Like every beginner i've been facing quite a few problems.

    1. My first problem is playing BARRE chords only minors like Fm, Gm.
    The 3 string always sounds dead as soon as i took off my 3 finger that makes it a major chord. I dont have big fingers can that be a problem?? But they cover all the six strings comfortably but i have small hands as compared to others i've seen. My finger position is as told by some guys here which is as close to fret but not on it. When it apply the maximum pressure that my arm can produce it sometimes sounds ok but then that makes difficult to change a chord. And as mentioned in some of the reviews pressure is not that important than finding the correct positions. All the strings are on my fingers, i mean to say that dont lie on the DIVIDING LINES on our fingers that may cause this problem.
    So is their any wrist position or elbow position that might be causing problem?? i keep my elbow close to my waist. Please help

    2. I want to know about practice schedule. There are lots of exercises here like chromatics, running chromatics, scales etc etc...I want to know how much time i must give to them per day (minimum)?? Should i be taking any breaks if fingers starts getting tired (which is very obvious) or should i continue??

    Any help will be appreciated!!!!
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    1. Minor Barre chords:
    - Pressure is important. You have to apply pressure. It will be difficult changing chords etc with pressure but keep trying boy.. you'll get it with practice.
    - If your 3rd string doesnt ring, it is because of lack of pressure and contact. Try rolling your index finger inside a little bit (try to turn it a little towards the other fingers and then hold the barre)... thats what I had to do to overcome the same problem.. it might help you. This way, your index finger will come in contact with the fretboard in a single line, and the divining lines of your fingers will not be a factor. You have to practice it lots though...
    - Keep your elbow wherever you want, but for barre chords you must have your thumb behind the fretboard, behind your middle finger. For any beginner that is the only correct position to hold the fretboard. Maybe thats the thing you should look into.

    2. Practice Schedule:
    - Rule 1: Always take a break when fingers become tired. Dont stop when they are a little strained but definitely stop when they begin hurting. If you continue.. you risk injury!
    - Start with chromatics everyday. Start slowly. Chromatics are like warm up.. Very important for stamina and speed. They also help avoid your fingers burning out too soon.
    - Do not go to Scales if you havent got the Barre chords right yet... learn to get basics right and then move to higher end stuff.
    - There is a sticky on practice schedules and elements for beginners.. look it up on the forums.. would help.


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