Solo part of Now and forever-Richard Marx

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  1. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    Hi evrybdy..

    This is the solo part that i was talkin abt.. this isnt given by the tabber who tabbed Now and forever .. the one i posted in the previous thread.. tabbed it out myself.. :p:

    anyways.. here goes the solo.. took a long time 2 figure this out.. :eek::
    but i'm vry proud of it.. it sounds almost perfect.. :)

    ...........The Solo..........

    E |---------------------------------|
    B |-------------------------s-------|
    G |---------------------2--2/4--4---|
    D |---5(h)7(p)5---4-—5-------------|
    A |---------------------------------|
    E |---------------------------------|

    E |-------------------------------------------|
    B |-------------------------------------------|
    G |---4--5--2—-4--5---5(h)7(p)5---4-----2---|
    D |----------------------------------5--------|
    A |-------------------------------------------|
    E |-------------------------------------------|

    This 1 is really fast.. took a long time 2 get this right.. still might be some error in here.. evry time i played i came up with a new version :eek::
    still.. this is the latest.
    E |---3-----------------------------|
    B |------------------3--------------|
    G |-----4------2-4-5----------------|
    D |--------4-5----------------------|
    A |---------------------------------|
    E |---------------------------------|

    E |------------------------------------s--------s----------------|
    B |-----8------7---7(h)8(p)7----12--12/13-—13\12---10-10-12---|
    G |--------------------------9------------------------------12---|
    D |---9----9-7---------------------------------------------------|
    A |--------------------------------------------------------------|
    E |--------------------------------------------------------------|

    E |------------------s---------------|
    B |-------8-8------8/10-------------|
    G |---9-7--------7------------------|
    D |---------------------------------|
    A |---------------------------------|
    E |---------------------------------|

    This 1 is a little fast too but nice :p:
    E |---------------------------------|
    B |-----8---------------------------|
    G |---9---9(h)11-9-7---------s------|
    D |------------------10-9-7-9/10----|
    A |---------------------------------|
    E |---------------------------------|

    Thats all..
    plz evrybdy let me know.. if u liked it and suggest any corrections if there is any.. i am vry proud of this baby.. :) appreciate my work plzzzzz :p:

    and in case some of u found my earlier post (the tabs of this song) somewhat confusing.. i'm talkin abt those beginners like me :) .. i'd simplify it and post another thread tomorrow.. i'm already workin on it.. halfway thru..

    nyways bye tk cre..
    chill :beer: ... Subhro.
  2. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    no response ? :think: :eek::

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