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    A brief intro about me first. I started learning guitar in 10th grade. I was drawn deep into music and played crazily for about 2 years, with frequent interruptions due to studies. Joined an amateur Indi band in college, gave a couple of performances. Then again lost touch due to projects, studies etc etc. Now here I am, eager to rediscover the magic. The music that flows in the nerves, and give me goosebumps now n then.

    I am looking for a decent solid body electric guitar. I have Rs.20,000 to shell out for it (amp will be extra). Need a guitar so versatile that plays from Metallica to Indian Ocean, frm country to hard rock, without disappointment. The beauty should help me explore the world of music.

    P.S: I am located in Pune. I can travel to Mumbai.
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    Check out Epiphone Les Paul 100.
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    Look out for used guitars. Within ur price range i cannot think of anything other than Yamaha pacifica, Cort, Greg Bennetts Avion models.
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