SOchaa Hai (Rock On)

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  1. Ramesh harswal

    Ramesh harswal New Member

    Please help to provide the struming and chords of this song .socha hai (ROck On)

    Raj [
  2. rahulsahu

    rahulsahu New Member

    Am busy Right Now ... but could you help u with the First Verse
    ( the below Text is not copied) :cool:

    Tum Ho (C)Toh… Gaata Hai (C)Dil,
    Tum Na(Dm)hi… Toh Geet Ka(G)ha…
    Tum Ho (C)Toh… Hai Sab Haa(C)sil,
    Tum Na(Dm)hi… Toh Kya Hai Ya(G)ha…

    You can strum like this ..

    Firstly pluck strings ... and then play the whole chord

    D- -D DUDU
  3. rahulsahu

    rahulsahu New Member

    I will post the whole song later .. am quite lazy at times... just hang on .. some how people will post it ..
  4. Ramesh harswal

    Ramesh harswal New Member

    Ok dude, ..
    its great.. to see this one.. .. thankyou

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