smells like teen spirit(brutal cover-crazy solo-different intro)

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    hello guys, this is me again with a new cover. this is smells like teen spirit of nirvana. i have modified some parts of this song. i dont know u will like it or not, but that doesnt matter cause i had enough fun doing this. in this cover i modified the intro with pick scratch and a high pitch growl, vox is completely different(i tried to mix up cannibal corpse and Children of bodom), then comes the original solo which i didnt feel to change but at the end u will find a crazy-bone crushing guitar solo, u will like it for sure. thnx and rock on.

    general infos:

    all the guitar parts : me
    bass line : midi
    drums :midi
    vox : me

    keep shredding

    the link
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    we demand Soundclikc


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