Singh is King-Jee Karda Intro part...

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  1. munited

    munited New Member

    Hey guys this is my very first post on IGT, actually first attempt at making out the tabs myself...
    i hope it is worth it, please do post ur comments or suggestions.
    this is just the intro part of the song..



    this pattern repeats....
  2. greenhead

    greenhead New Member

    nice bro nice...
  3. munited

    munited New Member


    hey thanx a lot greenhead!!
  4. shekhar music

    shekhar music New Member

    nice one dude
  5. rondude3011

    rondude3011 New Member

    the sound comes like dis( i dont say tht it is bad)-

    I string --12-12-10-9--------12-10-9---
  6. rondude3011

    rondude3011 New Member

    the best sound comes like dis-

    I string --12-12-10-9-----12-10-9---

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