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  1. jayesh.nair

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    i hope everyone knows abt this 1. Im new 2 the group so wanna start off vit sumthg simple..
    This is PAPA KEHATE HAIN in which aamir khan performs with an electric guitar which is not even connected to the cube!!!!!n-joi

    //// //// //// ////
    The slashes r the strummin patterns. Hope every1 knows it. Remember to give an extra duration for the 3rd strum. This one works.
    Also post ur comments.
  2. rahul_fly

    rahul_fly Banned


    nice try i m new to htis but ur chords are absolutely right
  3. rahul_fly

    rahul_fly Banned

    well goood i m also new to this but chords are right
    well do u b chane kow how to iprove lead technique
  4. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    //// //// //// ////

    ???? ???? ???? ????

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