Silent Lucidity (Furtados Artist Of The Month) Releases EP!!

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    Demonstealer Records in association with Furtados Music is very excited to announce the release of Silent Lucidity's first album/EP that falls under the genre of Alternative Rock. Named EMOTIKON, it will consist of 7 original compositions. Five which are freshly recorded from Demonic Studios and 2 bonus tracks which are from the previous 2 song demo release. The band will be releasing the CD at Furtados Music on the 14th of July and will also be playing a short set. Silent Lucidity will also be Furtados Artist of the Month. We invite you all to be there on the 14th at 7pm for the launch of the album as well as to watch the band perform. The entry is free for everyone.

    The Album



    1. Intro
    2. 2010
    3. Perfect love
    4. Expendable Souls
    5. Lost her to the void


    1. Perdition
    2. Eclipse

    The CD is priced at a mere Rs 80/- and includes the individual artwork for the band. The CD is going to be released on the 14th July 2006 . It will be available exclusively at Furtados Music at Dhobi Talao and at Independence Rock on the 14th and 15th of August. All India sales will be take care by and local distros.

    Interested Distributors can email for wholesale rates and trades.

    Warm Regards
    Sahil Makhija
    Demonstealer Records
    Tel: 9820643313
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    wasnt silent lucidity the nane of a queensryche album?

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