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    Dear Friends ,

    As you know, Rang Bhavan Bombay the only Open Air Amphitheatre in Bombay City has been shut down permanently due to the extreme enforcement of the Silent Zone regulations in existence in the area .

    Please extend your support by reading and then signing the petition online by clicking the following link:

    Please forward the petition details to people in your mailing list asking them to sign and circulate the petition widely.

    Save Rang Bhavan - Save Live Music !!!

    Farhad K. Wadia
  2. jayanth

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    Aint that sad.. GIR will gte a major HIT...
  3. jayanth

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    More Stuff on Rang Bhavan for those who dont know..
  4. jayanth

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    Hey Friends:

    Its that time again, rise up against this thing called hypocrisy and prejudice.

    This incenses me to no end. We have so many problems dogging our city of Bombay. Last time I checked in the newspapers, we have 3444 potholes(and counting!) in the roads of Bombay. The size of the potholes are like craters which would put the moon to shame! (Roll over Moon, here comes Bombay!). Commuting in the city from point A to point B will take you 1 hour atleast even though the actual travel time should be 15 minutes. And the shameless BMC is planning to go on an indefinite leave! We are practically, putting our lives in danger, when we travel by the local trains, because if you can squeeze in the compartment of the local train, you could also squeeze in a can of sardines! We hang by the edge of the train everyday, praying that we don't fall and lose our lives until the end of the journey. The stations and the trains look like we are stuck in time, (date? 1920s!). During rush hour, the stations look like the Kumbh Mela and you dread to take the decision to travel by the train or not, everytime. The streets look like they are being ruled by the hawkers. They have now become urban folklore. They are purposely, never cleared permanently, otherwise where will the BMC officials get hefty bribes to further their fortunes. Though there is a supreme court order in place to vacate them. And these hawkers don't even move to the hawking zones assigned to them. All these comforts to the hawkers, operating in PUBLIC PROPERTY! Funny part is, if you extend space of the gallery in your matchbox flat in Bombay by 1 feet, you should expect court proceedings in the next two days for VIOLATING PUBLIC PROPERTY!, either that or you bribe your way through out of it. We have deadlines for festivals and outdoor shows at 10 pm, but if you are an influential person and pull a few strings with the politician or the police, then you could continue until the wee hours of the morning! Then we have age limits of 21 to enter a nightclub, when you can vote at 18, which actually means that they trust the judgement of a person, 18 years old, to determine the fate of the country for the next five years, but thinks the he/she isn't old enough to make judgement about drinking or not!! Then you have a censor board which censors movies, which depict the truth like Anand Patwardhan's 'War and Peace' and Rakesh Sharma's 'Final Solutions', which has won awards all over the world, and gives the go ahead for flimsy, unbelievable, fantasy oriented bollywood movies, and we thought the solution to any problem could be sought by depicting the truth! Way to go censor board!

    And now you may ask, what is the relevance to the Rang Bhavan issue. Let me ask a few nagging questions to the politicians, BMC, Bombay Police and the Courts. Why don't you stick to problems, staring at your face, already at such alarming levels?!! Why don't you create more concrete roads and multi level roads?!!, why don't you clear the hawkers and let people walk on footpaths?!!, why don't you build world class stations and trains so that train travel can be made more of a comfort than a nightmare?!!, if you had the vision, why don't you try to promote the nightlife of Bombay to gain revenue rather than curb it?!!, why don't you let people be the judge of what they want to watch or not, when fundamentally this IS a FREE country?!!. Why do you always want to act as a party pooper and cant let people have FUN (or is that a bad word when it comes to Bombayaites)?!! And if you have so much in your plate, suffice to keep you occupied for a good 10 years atleast. How do you get the time to pick on things that AINT broken! If Rang Bhavan has become an institution for music lovers, why do you keep picking on it, when 10,000 people in this city want to enjoy a good rock concert in this land starved of concerts, what is your problem?.. The excuse of it disturbing the neighboring hospital does not arise if Malhar, a college festival in neighboring Xaviers College, can be held there for 4 days at a stretch. The excuse of it being silence zone will not arise if the High Court can conveniently amend the order to accommodate the 125th anniversary celebrations after the DCP denied permission to conduct that event in its premises.
    Why is it that when you have so many things to take care of, you start 'moral' policing. Instead stick to what you are supposed to be doing i.e. PLAIN policing and GOOD administration, and life will be much better for the whole of this city, which, by the way, contributes to 40% of the country's income, and in return gets a lifestyle, which is discounted to that of a pig's!!!

    Farhad Wadia is conducting a petition which can be signed online, please go there and sign it. And besides signing it circulate this among as many people as possible, lets save music from the fascists of this city! And save this city!

    Please extend your support by reading and then signing the petition online by clicking the following link:

    'Keep on rocking in free world'

    Sujeet Ramanna

    For Rang Bhavan related stories logon to
  5. Natasia

    Natasia ...

    i totalllyyy agree with you ppl on this .... its pathetic that our govt n other institutions do everything thats un-neccesary n forget wat they reallyy need to do ,,, :annoyed: :annoyed: ..,they forget abt the loadsaa starving ppl.. n those on the road...n all the other issues n try to divert ppl's attention from the actual issues n create a hala baluu over things they don;t need to stick there faces in.... :mad: :mad: :mad: ...

  6. bob-bobby

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    Rang Bhavan surely is a rockin place at bombay , i am with you guys ....
  7. Sonali

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    it's always sad to see public places being shut down, i'll join you guys
  8. jayanth

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    rang Bhavan is heaven.. I would live there if i was given an oppurtunity.. I probably have Stage Philia..
  9. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    our guys use to be there for indi rock & we surely rocked the place , u guys know how things work ,,,,,.... i am sure many are not bothered .... atleast all of us together can plead for a good cause , i guesz ...
  10. jayanth

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    I'm the most Bothered.. havent played there yet.. Thats what Bugs me..

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