Shenbagame - Enga Ooru Paattukkaran

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    Nice song in Gm which brought Mano into the limelight.

    Shenbaga(Dm)me (Bb)shenbaga(Gm)me
    (Gm)Thenpodhi(Dm)gai (Bb)sandhana(Gm)me
    (Bb)Thedi va(Eb)rum (F)en mana(Gm)mee(F)ee
    (Bb)Serndhirun(Eb)dhaa (F)sammadha(Gm)me(Bb-F)eee

    (Dm)un paadham pogum paadhai (BbM7)naanum poga (Gm)vandhene
    (F)un mele (Bb)aasaipattu (Eb)kaathu kaathu (Gm)ninnene
    (F)un mugam par(Bb)thu (Gm)nimmadhi(Cm)yaachu
    (F)en manaam thaa(Bb)na (Gm)paadida(Cm)laachu
    (G7)ennoda pattu satham thedum unna (Bb)pinna(F)le
    (F)Ep(Bb)podhum (Cm)unna (G#)thottu (Bb)paada(Eb)poraen (F)thanna(Bb)la

    Rajesh :music:
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    Have been looking out for this for a long time; 3 versions are there, mano solo; sunandha duet with mano, asha bhosle pathos

    are all these versions carrying the same chord structure?
  3. roentgen

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    Asha Bhosle's version could be different, but the other 2 are the same.
  4. SATHYA167

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    Nice song. Thanks for the chords information.... Sathya
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    This song is in Sindhubhairavi ragam. I tried to play an evergreen melody in this raga - Unakkenna Melay Nindrai O Nandalala from Shimla Special. But could not succeed. Let me try this song from Enga Ooru Paattukkaran.... Sathya
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    great... perfect.. thanks for u all... love a ble song of the century.... that man is god... and the sweet voice of Asha... wow....
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    Tabs and chords for the song Shenbagame Shenbagame from EOP

    Paattukkaran Paattu Paada Ready....................

    The song is basically in Sindhubhairavi ragam except few foreign notes as indicated in the attachment.

    Nice song and a great one. I do not know whether it is coincident or not - IR has chosen Sindhubhairavi ragam for Latha & Asha.

    Another great song in this raga by IR is Valaiyosai Kalakalavena in Sathya - Sung by Latha Mangeshkar.

    The 's' is taken as G in the tabs.

    Pick, Play & Enjoy this song & do post your comments ................................... Sathya

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    Thank you sir

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    Thank you verymuch

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