Sheet Music ? I Need Help

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by ravi singh, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. ravi singh

    ravi singh New Member

    Hello ,

    Well friend's I want to know more about sheet music .

    Please tell me about it and if possible please me an example of it .

    Please also suggest me some nice songs which explain the concept of sheet

    music easily.

  2. chotaamotagroup

    chotaamotagroup New Member

    Please also tell us about RPGO pattern and how to use slide's on guitar .

    Thanks .
  3. gulabjamun2

    gulabjamun2 New Member

    @ ravi

    Hey Ravi,

    The easiest way of getting started with reading sheet music (especially for the guitar) is to get hold of one of the guitar method books.

    I use Hal Leonard's Guitar method book and it has helped me read sheet music like a pro in less than 2 months.

    The other way to do this would be to look up free tutorials on the internet. Do a google search for "sheet music tutorial".

    Let me tell you that you are on the right track. Once you learn how to read sheet music, you will be bale to recognize and play any tune.

  4. Tinu

    Tinu New Member

    Friend you must be joking ?
    Most of us present in the forum cann't read (or know about) simple music
    and you are talking about sheet music .

    If you are serious I think only few in the forum can give correct information
    about it , ask them ( Few of them I think are amitcase82 , srideep and In
    newbie's I think visorchestragrp is the best bet cause they are orchestra
    group )
  5. gulabjamun2

    gulabjamun2 New Member

    Reading music is easy... try it !!!

    Hey man,

    Don't let anyone discourage you.

    Believe me, reading sheet music is far easier than playing the guitar.

    All you need is a good book to get started.

    When I get a chance, I shall post a simple song in music notation as well as the tab for it so that you can compare the two and learn.

    Take it easy.

  6. VisOrchestraGrp

    VisOrchestraGrp New Member

    Hi friends ,

    First about R P G O PATTERN -

    Well R P G O pattern is used main as filler's or in music .

    Carefully listen the Intro of Song " Patthar ke sanam tujhe humne mohhabat
    ka khuda jaana " , R P G O pattern is used there .

    Listen the song " Akele akele kahan jaa rahe ho " . In that song after line
    akele akele (2nd time) R P G O pattern of C major chord ( if your scale is C )
    sa ga pa , ga pa Sa (and so on) is used as filler .

    Now about sheet music -

    Yes reading sheet music is very easy but to write it , it is very difficult
    Sheet Music contain all information about the song and if two or more
    instrument played at the same time it displays that from which point to
    which point 1st instrument is used and from which point to which point 2nd
    instrument is used .

    A small example of sheet music is the Intro of song " Mann dole mera Tann
    dole " from movie "Naagin" may be this is help for you -

    Scale - D#

    Been (1st instrument) - rsg1s r*n1s*n1 rsg1s r*n1srs rs...............
    2nd instrument --------____________________________pmg1pmg1

    1st ins. -...................................................................................
    2nd ins.- d1pmd1pm n1d1pn1d1p Sn1d1p n1d1pm d1pmg1 pmg1r mg1rs

    1st ins. -.............pd1pd1..................
    2nd ins.- g1rs*n1s_________________

    Here 1st instrument keep playing all the time while the 2nd starts from a
    certain point and fade's out and sheet music shows it in detail .

    *n1 shows lower octave keys that is present on the left side of n.
    g1 , d1 etc shows keys that is present on the left side of g, d .
    s , r etc shows middle octave keys while S shows higher octave keys sa and
    so on.

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