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  1. one fine day i came to know
    i had lost my shadow
    who cares
    no one
    so i didnt even
    there were more things to bother
    walking, talking, looking at things
    my concious magnitised
    ever thing had one
    every body had one
    i had like many
    but now i had none
    sucked into this emptyness
    although so truely, worthless
    i knew but still some kindness
    was forcing me to guess
    where did u keep it
    some room some place
    no one it had.. sucha disgrace
    it grew on me soo hard, my bad
    that i resigned from comming out in light
    rejected the idea of being bright
    doomed in a room
    eyes closed words broomed
    on the coarse floor of my dusty lane
    each day i dwell
    to find the smell
    of my dear shadow and re-gain !!!
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    Great lines... It has another meaning and i loved the analogy..
  3. thanks again :D

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