Selling Ibanez GSA60 with marshall 10Wamp for 10k - Mumbai

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by max_payne16, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. max_payne16

    max_payne16 New Member

    Selling Ibanez GSA60 with marshall 10Wamp for 10k -
    mumbai, borivali
    goin abroad.. cant afford below 10k
    have to sell before Aug end
  2. nukeu666

    nukeu666 New Member

    how much for only the guitar?
  3. RoMeO_Gguru

    RoMeO_Gguru .::idiotic crybaby::.

    nikhil bro...whddpp wid you...long time dude...where the hell are you ...
  4. max_payne16

    max_payne16 New Member

    come on yarr
    I want to sell both amp n guitar
    if u want to buy separate.. 8500 for guitar
  5. jack_brown12001

    jack_brown12001 New Member

    bro i'm interested in the guitar... i'm in aurangabad, maharashtra. can come to mumbai and pick it up. my no is 9975402283
  6. max_payne16

    max_payne16 New Member

    Sold everything for 10k a year ago
  7. jack_brown12001

    jack_brown12001 New Member

    shit just my bad luck

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