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  1. saarth

    saarth New Member

    Epiphone Les Paul Standard '08 - Translucent Blue

    Ibanez RG370DX - Black

    Yamaha Acoustic FX370C

    Post here or PM if interested.
  2. abhinavagarwal

    abhinavagarwal New Member

    How much for the Epiphone and the Ibanez?
  3. saarth

    saarth New Member

    check your inbox. i have pmed you the prices.
  4. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    How much for the Epiphone?
  5. saarth

    saarth New Member


    Any serious buyers?
  6. deepzhot

    deepzhot New Member

    interested in the epiphone LP. i hav a jacson RR3 rhoads if ure interested in an exchange. contact or no. 09010276303 if interested.
  7. deadnext

    deadnext New Member

    how much for the les paul?
  8. jimistoned

    jimistoned New Member

    Epiphone les paul. . definately interested. . can you give the specifics. . and probably a pic of the guitar. . mail it to me if possible. .also the price and detail of any work done on it. .if any
  9. dilesh

    dilesh New Member

    m frm mumbai..intrested in epiphone...wats the cost??????plz gimme ur contact no..

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