Selling Epiphone Dot w/ Hardshell Case - 20K..!! - Delhi

Discussion in 'Buy - Sell Used Musical Instruments' started by kenny92, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. kenny92

    kenny92 New Member

    I live in Dwarka, New Delhi and i have an Epiphone Dot w/ Hard Shell Case that i would like to sell. I bought the guitar from Furtado's Lajpat nagar in October,2011.
    Specs -
    1. Alnico III Humbucker's Neck and Bridge
    2. Grover 16:1 Ratio Tuners.
    3. Sunburst
    I'll post photos on my profile for people to check out.

    Lemme know if anyone's interested.
  2. sndpgr

    sndpgr New Member

    Could you post some pics please , I could not find it on your profile!!!!
  3. kenny92

    kenny92 New Member is a link...!!
    It's basically me playing through a Marshall MG10CD and the mic is a camera mic.
    For clean skip to 7:58 and the rest is distortion with max gain throughout the video.
  4. sndpgr

    sndpgr New Member

    Thanks!!! Will you ship it ??? what about the case, was it bought with the guitar?

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