Scarcity of good guitars in India

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  1. supernic

    supernic New Member

    Recently, I went to buy an acoustic guitar in 10k range, and was very disappointed at the stuff the dealers (at least in Delhi) keep. I saw "Squire by fender", "Lyon by washburn", etc. They were all chinese made, and very poorly crafted, not what you would expect from these companies. The back and sides were of wood called nato and catalpa, very hard and the tone not so good. The other shops around had ever worst stuff.

    I had gone to Bharat music house in lajpat nagar, and when I commented on this fact, they laughed and told me I would have to especially order american made guitars if I wanted, starting at $1200. But I checked on the net and found that washburn, fender, etc. offer pretty decent guitars for around $250 upwards.

    I have read that the best wood for a guitar is "Indian rosewood", coming from brazil and india, and it is ridiculous that while people from US, Europe enjoy playing rosewood guitars with wood from our country, we have to be content with plywood and "nato".

    If you consider it, the Rs. 10000 - Rs. 12000 range is quite expensive for us here, and we should expect a high quality product, at least maple or cedar, but look at what we get. Gibson doesn't even have a dealer here while they do in Turkey and China.

    What is to be done?

    (I finally bought a Hofner (chinese :() from a smaller shop called I think Ragasons. It is jumbo sized cut away with pickup and I paid Rs. 8800 for it.)
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Probably increase our playing skills?

    They say - tone lies in your finger ...
  3. supernic

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    Was trying to do that for last few months on a nylon guitar, however its very difficult to play chords on it and also due to the low pitch of the strings, the leads and chords for the movie songs were somehow not coming right. So I went to buy an acoustic.

    But you are correct. Will have to do with what I get I suppose......
  4. aniketdave

    aniketdave aniket

    try aria.. they make some nice acoustic guitars, and are quite good on the pocket too..
    try AW-20ce

    as far as i know, bharat music house (the one on panchkuian road) is the only authorized distributor in india..
  5. theBlues

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    The following is a description of a gb&a acoustic that i own. It cost me an amount in the same range that u have mentioned. And it sounds amazing (to me at least!)! much better than a few yamahas (again in the same range) that i had checked out...

    how does this sound:
    Description: Model no: SCT 802C
    Dreadnought cut way
    Top: Cedar
    Sides and Back: Oak
    Neck: Mahogany
    Rosette: Maple wood
    Binding: Maple Wood
    Inlay on fingerboard: Wood
    Fingerboard / Bridge: Rosewood
    Tuning Machines : Die cast
    Nuts / Saddle: Tutanic
    Strings: D'Addario
    Scale Lenght: 650mm

    you can probably check it out if you get the chance...

    would like to close with this quote: "the most beautiful guitar is the one being played"

    and happy making music!
  6. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Thats the truth about life in India.
    Excessive customs duty and the ever increasing dollar rate makes all the foreign stuff expensive.
  7. ak&guitar

    ak&guitar THE INNER VOICE

    musicians shall always suffer.

    music never pays enough, and then there are these skyrocketing prices of equipment.

    not enough gigs happening.

    ppl always want to listen to covers.

    and i dont know where's all the respect gone?
  8. shrekshredder

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    Good Guitars In india

    Ok Guys..After reading through your post i have to come to the conclusion that you guys have not done your research probably...

    I use a guitar made by Cort Earth(I don't know how many of you have heard about cort)but this guitar is made of pure mahogany wood & also comes with a fishman pick(Costs around 7500 INR).In total i paid only 8500/- this was a promotional offer.

    And if you want good guitars then please let me know..there more brands you name i will have it for you

    Some Specification below

    # BODY STYLE - Dreadnought
    # CUTAWAY - Venetian
    # CONSTRUCTION - Dovetail Neck Joint
    # TOP - Sitka Spruce
    # BACK - Mahogany
    # SIDES - Mahogany
    # NECK - Mahogany FINGERBOARD - Rosewood
    # TUNERS - Die cast
    # BRIDGE - Rosewood
    # ELECTRONICS - CE 303
    # Natural Satin finish

    Sounds good contact me...
  9. bhargavpandya

    bhargavpandya New Member

    Yes looking at Cort Earth guitar.. Can you suggest where can it be found in mumbai

    Let me know where can it be found in mumbai..

    You said "contact me".. Damid where the hell to contact you.. No number .. no email address..???

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