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  1. prash_slimshady

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    hey guys im a total new kid to guitaring and i need help in understandin scales and stuff cause i cant stand my friends blabberin something bout scales and me not understandin it. could anyone just explain how are they used and how is it to be learnt and what scales is used for a particular purpose i no the question is laughable but me just takin the first step so help me out
  2. limaj_daas

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    Yo gimmie ur email id.... i'll send u a pdf file that explains some stuff for beginners.
  3. the_wizard

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  4. erutu

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    Just ask your friends....? I'm sure if they know what they are talking about the they will be able to explain and teach it to you better than any internet tutorial
  5. vini

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  6. Morbid_Angel

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    why not search first..then if u dont find it post in QA forum?

    Yea and vini's image is really usefull..u shud know which chords come under which scales.

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