Salman is all ready to shake his legs with Katrina for Bodyguard!

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    Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan soon will be seen shaking their legs together on the item song of “Bodyguard”. ‘Aaya re Aaya Bodyguard’, this is the song on which Katrina is all ready to give another hit to Bollywood. Every one is expecting this song to be more popular and hotter than Sheila so as Katrina herself.
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    Is that the reason your username is Agni+Hot ?
  3. bjr

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    Nice to know. Thank you.
  4. alpha1

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    Both the entities: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are HIGHLY HIGHLY over rated.
    I don't know how much effort or money Sallu and his gang are pumping in regularly just to create a hype around themselves.
    Or probably its the underworld.

    The guy is basically a poor imitator of 90s Govinda.
    The less I speak about Kaif, the better.
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    @super-man what have u edited by the way :):):)

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