Saawariya - Title Song - Intro Tab

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  1. herculesksp

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    I've been looking on this site for long for the Saawariya tab/chords but never found it. Finally now with a broken bridge I decided to play my Guitar's Swan Song. I still haven't learnt to chord a song, but at least I can tab it to good effect. Please try out and give me your feedback.

    Intro, 4 times + Chords

    ( Chords + First Chorus )


    First Stanza

    You have to play to the correct timings by ear. Listen hard and you will get the pattern. You can hammer or slide up depending on your choice. To me it sounded the best when played in this way.

    PS: Its almost 11pm now and I think I gotta sleep. Will tab the rest of the song if there are any other solos tomorrow. Meanwhile, I do hope someone will post some chords.

  2. petrifiedpimp

    petrifiedpimp New Member

    search properly.
    da tabs & chords hav been posted long before.
  3. petrifiedpimp

    petrifiedpimp New Member

  4. herculesksp

    herculesksp New Member

    hmmm... now that you mentioned, in the related posts of mine, I saw some threads. I tried so hard to get this earlier. I don't quite approve of the search feature in this PHP-based forum applications.

    Anyway, I checked the other threads and it looks like my tabs are pretty different. For a first tab submission(hell, a first tab, ever) from me, how about some feedback/opinions?
  5. petrifiedpimp

    petrifiedpimp New Member

    da intro ain't rite.
    da lead's nt goin nywere eithr.
  6. petrifiedpimp

    petrifiedpimp New Member

    me just a beginner.
    so dnt count n my wrds!
  7. nitin2go

    nitin2go New Member

    this is hard, cant it be made easier
  8. nitin2go

    nitin2go New Member

    i also agree with pimp, it aint going anywhere, it sounds lame, no offense though

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