Saawariya-Ruchit Agrawal

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  1. ruchit787

    ruchit787 New Member

    hey palz...hi 2 all of you..wishin' a king-sized diwali...
    recorded the song Saawariya n enjoyed it a's the link--

    hope u all like it...plz do send in feedbacks...criticism welcome
  2. tia'sayz..

    tia'sayz.. New Member

    Awesome song!

    I'm new to d site but m quite intrested in music.Hey!u'r voice is simply mmm..gr88..d song is a treat 2 my years.u'r guitaring is also vaery good.brilliant work,specially in d last prt u make me go crazy..cant stop listening to it!i'm your fan!eager to listen more frm ya..keep it up!
  3. its_my_life

    its_my_life New Member

    Keep it up!

    ya i agree u hav a fabulous voice and your guitaring is no less.even i am looking foward to other songs of yours..this is another newbie who has become your fan!can you please add me at yahoo as a
    as for your music,its simply 'AMAZING'!
  4. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    I certainly agree with you guys, good vocals and good guitaring aswell, keep going man!
  5. ruchit787

    ruchit787 New Member

    Thanks guyz..

    hey thanks all of you for the nice comments!
  6. ruchit787

    ruchit787 New Member

    Suggestions welcome!

    Some more comments would help....waitin' for feedbacks>
  7. krishnaG

    krishnaG New Member

    hey ruchit...amazing guitaring man...esp the lead part...!!!...but then I felt that your voice was quite shaky thoughout the song.....the stability in voice lacked.....i just checked out ur other songs to see if ur voice is like this...but i found that you sing well actually....ur "purani jeans aur guitar" is well sung(guitaring is obviously good).....ur guitaring is amazing in sawaariya...but the overlapping kind of didn't fit that well...i would suggest you re-record this song with straight singing and w/o overlapping alaps...i am sure that will come out very good.....!!!....btw, thx for reply to my other thread!
  8. ruchit787

    ruchit787 New Member


    Hey thanks bro for the suggestion...i'll keep that in for the overlapping stuff, i enjoyed it like not plannin' to record see i get a bit difficulty sometimes in singing as i'm 15 now and every now n then my voice keeps changin'...i just tried the shaky part for fun..something experimentin' you can say...ya i feel my voice will mature up in some years time,better than the present...n this song--just for my pleasure!
    once again,thanks!
  9. ruchit787

    ruchit787 New Member

    Suggestions welcome!

  10. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ

    hey..its goood.. ;)
    keep posting..!
  11. ruchit787

    ruchit787 New Member

    Suggestionz welcome..

    Hey guyz sum more repliez wud help..
  12. tia'sayz..

    tia'sayz.. New Member

    u're 15??!!

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