Sa re ga ma pa dha ni saa.. notes

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  1. meech_toh

    meech_toh New Member

    Hey guys...

    I must say.. I am the beginner, and I have learn a lot from most of the basic forums..

    and I must appreciate them for their kind gesture... kelp helping.. ;)

    anyway... this is very basic,, and i was just practicing and came with the notes for "sa re ga ma pa dha ni saa" the very basic one..

    all on the 6th string i.e E <thickest string>


    Experts.. please correct me or add different notes to play sa re ga ma pa dha ni saaa...

    - Gaurao
  2. subheet

    subheet Member

    Here is a better version


    U should try to learn the notes represented by the frets on the fretboard (or atleast the 5 & 6 string) then u would be able to play this from any position
  3. meech_toh

    meech_toh New Member

    thanks buddy.. i know it will be a good practice if i play using frets and all the strings..

    this is just something I came with and I wanted to share very basic notes...

    but thanks thou
  4. loyal

    loyal New Member

    Try this.

    E ----------------------------
    B ---------------------0--1---
    G ---------------0--2---------
    D ------0--2--3---------------
    A ---3------------------------
    E ======================

    Note: == Thickest String ( low E)

    do re mi fa sol la ti Do
    C D E F G A B C
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  5. fisherman

    fisherman New Member

    hey!!! practice your sa re ga ma at home.
    how can any one even post such a thing!!!
    you'll are lowering the standard of IGT.........
  6. subheet

    subheet Member


    Well Mr FISHERMAN I dont think posting such matter is in anyway lowering the standards..these notes are the basic of all music & if u think learning the basics for a beginner is against your pride then u should either leave Music or IGT
  7. meech_toh

    meech_toh New Member

    yeah.. I agree with Subheet..

    well, I don't have to give explanation and don't want to debate as its your choice.. we are here for discussion and learn

    but think twice<no literal meaning> before criticizing..

    anyway.. back to guitar.. thanks loyal for giving new info..

    Also, subheet I just wanted to ask you, the notes that you have given..
    024 0<this open string G> doesn't sound like ma..

    may be my guitar is not tuned or something.. just wanted to share w/ you.
  8. tingting

    tingting New Member

    Hi Can any one help me how to start from a scratch.
  9. subheet

    subheet Member

    D major

    meech_toh the notes sound perfect when I play them
    I am not sure but your guitar could be out of tune (maybe). How do u tune ur guitar?
    (u can use some software to chk if the guitar is tuned correctly)

    The notes r
    D E F# G A B D it is a part of the D Major scale
  10. anmolsahni

    anmolsahni New Member

    hello there ..
    i got guitar.. and i m a beginner..
    how should i go...

    Help please!!!
  11. subheet

    subheet Member

    For tingting & anmolsahni , I think u ppl should start by doing some exercises for making your hands & fingers get accustomed to the guitar. These are available on numerous websites. Also u should learn some music theory & different notes on a fretboard, then there are the scales , chords, various techniques., different strumming patterns & playing to the rythm.......goes on ... u never stop learning......

    I think all this available on IGT, or do a google search for beginners' lessons.
  12. chandu15

    chandu15 New Member


    Beginners pls look for guitar learning section in homepage of igt.
  13. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

  14. kaushalpandya

    kaushalpandya New Member


    Thnx Gaurao . I m fresher for guitar learning can u little bit more explain what is --02--4-5 & so on .
  15. santoshduvvuri

    santoshduvvuri New Member

    Hi Could you please let me know how to understand this frets

    Hi how to understand these frets. I'm very beginner to guitar.


    Let me know if my understanding is correct
    #3rd String open
    #3rd String with 2nd Bread
    #3rd String with 4th Bread
    #4th String open
    #4th String with 2nd Bread
    #5th String open
    #5th String with 2nd Bread
    #5th String with 3rd Bread

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