Ruperi Valut

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    Ruperi valut
    I may post a Mp3 later.

    Em 335453
    G 355433
    C 032010 / 335553
    A x02220

    Em Ruperi Valut
    G Madachya Vanat
    C Ye Na
    A Javal Ye Naaa
    D Priti Ghe Na

    The rest of the Antara goes like

    Em G C
    Em G F
    A javal ye naa
    D pritit ghe naa

    Sorry guys i do not know the lyrics but thats the chords i tried. Rememvber i have given it a all guitar base so just strum with the pattern like DDDDDUD
    Comments please

    Just try it out
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    Good man. Keep going.
  3. sushpop

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    Please post the tabs as well ...... I can not play chords. Poor me :(

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