roobaroo strumming!!!

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  1. anuvrat

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    hi every1......
    i am not able to pick up the strumming pattern of roobaroo from rang de basanti....though the chords r plzzzz can ne1 help me wid the strumming pattern of the song...any audio video attachment wud be appreciated
  2. sandylawyer

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    note to note robaroo strumming pattern

    hi guys,
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    sandeep dahiya
  3. shrenik

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    roobaroo strummin

    have tried my best to get the pattern as close as possible .. this is wat i have found .. let me know if there is any change that is required ..

    first of all .. there is capo on the 2nd fret .. there are basically jst two chords played .. gadd5 and cadd9 .. strummin is nearly the same .. but there is a slight difference ..

    so the first time its .. ddduddud (gadd5) and dddududd(cadd9) and then it alternates between the two ..
  4. robroy

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    very bad dude, u have copied word by word, from "" what Mark said, n claiming that it's ur own, very bad, at least give the person due to credit who has helped you, if u want to grow u need to be loyal to other people in this world, refrain from such cheap things dude...........

    @others do not believe me then check this out, copied word to word:-
    scroll to the bottom n listen to the audio piece posted by mark......
  5. manish1804

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    robroy you know more intresting is wat i ve heard one more audio clip of rubaroo frm smbdy else that was also cut from audio hehehe world is strange full of glory stealers
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