Roland Cube15x + RP90 + Strat or SSH

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by rishinaughty3, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. rishinaughty3

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    Next week I will be buying Roland Cube15x + Digitech RP90 + a electric guitar between 5-11k (Yes even Java (Black) is in my list if I am satisfied after trials, I can change pickguard and maybe keys to make it look good. Can even go for GRG170dx or Washburn x11 which looks fantastic.

    I had few queries as under :

    Amp : Basically I play hindi lead/chords in small music groups, small shows etc..Will grow gradually, thats for sure. Now is this amp-Roland 15x good as a monitor on stage (considering I will always be playing hindi).

    Tone : What exactly do we look for in a guitar tone? Is is its sustain of loudness or just good on ears in clean channel.

    If I go in for cheap guitars, say Java, will changing strings & a ok processor like RP90(Post Tweakings) can make them sound better?

    And final query, Do all guitars hum/distort when guitar (vol/tones) & amp volume are full in clean channel?

    I currently use friends local one-piece guitar with no brand visible and a 1970's inbuilt phaser amp with bass/treb settings 40W.

  2. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    Dont get a roland amp if you are just going to use it as monitor. A stranger cube will be more than enough.

    and guitar tone is just 'good on ears'. sustain is also to be looked into.

    Put the money from the amp to a good processor/guitar.
  3. rishinaughty3

    rishinaughty3 New Member

    Hey thanks buddy..

    Cube means Stranger NS30 or other 40/80W Cubes? Isn't Roland Cube15x good as stage monitor? Asking just cos' it looks compact,cool & Roland has good brand image.

    If NS30 is good, that will reduce my cost by 2k, so I can go in max for Zoom2.1u.

    For guitar I think 8-12k can fetch me a decent one with moderate to good looks, good on ears & playing comfort will be priority though.
  4. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    Roland cube has better tone than stranger. But since you will be using it as just a monitor, it wouldnt do anthing for your output.
  5. rishinaughty3

    rishinaughty3 New Member

    Thats true..

    Just 1 week for me2 purchase my own gear, am excited about it..
    I will play both stranger ns30 & roland 15x and others on full volume to compare..

    have gone thru threads about guitars, processors..still deciding betwn Zoom G2.1u, RP90, RP250..

    It will be fun to play around with all these gadgets at Furtados/Bhargavas, I wont buy anything without feeling satisfied though..

  6. rishinaughty3

    rishinaughty3 New Member

    :) Got my setup on Saturday

    :) :) :)

    Am all smiles now..I got my own Electric Guitar, Amp & Processor..

    SQUIER California Fat-strat (SSH)
    Marshall 15CD amp
    Zoom G2.1u multi-effects processor

    Am happy with its tone, Not even minor hum with all volumes full on guitar & amp in clean channel, Not tried with drive yet & very versatile processor.

    Will post pics tomorrow & may-be sound clips for those intrested in few weeks once I get hang of it.

    Thanks to IGTians for immense information on guitars, amps, processors and what not..

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