Roland Cube 30x

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by arian_1c, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. arian_1c

    arian_1c New Member

    Hi guys, one of my mates wants to buy a Rolan Cube 30x....
    I was hoping if any of you've used it before or know someone who has... m basically looking for a review...
    thanks guys
  2. Murt112

    Murt112 New Member

    well i own one...have had it for the last 2 years almost now...absolutely amazing...if u play metal that is...the rfier channel is the one i use most..the clean channel is also very good...the dyna amp channel is kinda useless....overall a very gud amp...but if u arent that much into metal i wud suggest the vox valvetronix..
  3. arian_1c

    arian_1c New Member

    thanks a lot mate, i am not sure if hes into metal or not, he is still learning and plays a bit of evrything, does it make a gud practice amp?.... also maybe you can temme if you use any processor with it....thnks again
  4. Murt112

    Murt112 New Member

    its a very good practice has been made to be play a bit of everything but where it really excels is in metal...thats not to say the other channels are bad, but just that the vox can do them better (to a certain extent).
    THe thing about the processor bit is that the 30x already has a built in digital processor...and so as long as u dont have to play a gig i think u wont need a pedal (in my opinion). i got a rp 90 recently and have been using it with the amp. not bad but nothing to write home about...but i think that is more the processors fault than the amp...if he does decide to get the 30x ask him to try to bargain in a footswitch pedal to change between channels on the will take out the need for a processor...
  5. arian_1c

    arian_1c New Member

    thanks a lot mate... much appreciated
  6. distorted

    distorted satan

    I tried the roland30x in furtados, banglore, 2 days back... Its cool... Rly cool.... a lot better den the laney n marshall... Sum 6 amp mods n delay/reverb/chorus/flanger... Out of the 6 mods, i suppose one wont use more than 3, i mean u can get the othr tone simply by changing eq n gain... Nehw, it ws quite gud... But mate, line6 spiderIII ws awesome.. If u can, chk out fr it.
  7. silentassassin

    silentassassin New Member

    Go for a VOX if you can. They are tube amplifiers and the best u can find. Even Beattles in their early years used VOX. But they are a little too expensive. If money is not an object then go for VOX.
  8. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    I think it sound bit farfetched when you compare the VOX used by Beatles, to VOX valvetronix.

    These days good digital processors can coax a more convicing t00b tone, than poorly contructed valve amps.

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