Rockng Goa chords (experiment version)

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  1. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles I actually found out the chords by IS posted on IGT, but I believe mine are more accurate. Here goes this gr8 instrumental!
    Strum pattern is d dud <chord change> udud u
    Three ways to do it-
    1. Play D, then on the first chord change, put your little finger on the high e, third fret. So what we have is...000233.
    2. Play D, then G. Conecentrate your strum on the lower 3 strings. Switch back to D before playing the last 'u', and be careful you play the previous strum correctly (the one in G) else it gets messed up.
    3. (Somewhat inacurate) E, Asus2 (if you can, mute B and e while playing Asus2)
    Th song after that (unana nana na oh yeah yeah etc etc) has the same thing repeating in the background.
    I dunno about the solo bit after that (my accoustic guitar=my downfall)...I tried to work it out a bit, but it sounded real silly.
    Thats it...pls post n tell how it is.
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    its g8 attempt
  3. Morbid_Angel

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    For beginner's..your post is useless. Simplify it if you wanna help somebody.

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