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    I hope we get a lot of submissions in this thread. This is mainly to talk about interesting facts about Musicians or Bands. It could be something funny, wierd or anything. Just great stories to share. I am a big fan of Rock n Roll stories.

    Here I start this.

    Artist: Black Sabbath / Ozzy Osbourne

    You all must be knowing that the guitarist Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath had chopped his fingers in a freak lathe accident. He had tried plastic finger tips to cover up in the beginning. This is old fact. Now is the fun part.
    When Ozzy departed Black Sabbath, he was audtioning for guitarists. This news had spread like a fire because Ozzy was already a world wide fame. A lot of dumb guitarists who came for the audition, put on plastic finger tips thinking Ozzy would get impressed. Finally the young chap Randy Rhoads got the deal.
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    Artist: Cozy Powwell (Rainbow, Whitesnake, MSG, Black Sabbath, Yngwie, etc....)

    This great drummer was also a Great Car Racer. At one point of time when he was already considered a great drummer, he decided to quit drums to pursue Car racing full time. Got bored of racing for some time and returned back to drums. Anyway died in a car accident when he was drunk and ripping off.
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    One more to get the thread warmed up.

    Arist: Freddie Mercury of the band Queen

    It's a very popular belief that Freddie Mercury alias Farookh Bulsara is of Indian origin. The truth is he is a Native of Zanzibar Islands which belongs to the Tanzania Mainland. He is a Parsee though. His father was a British Colonial employee. In 1955 at the age of 9, he was sent to a boarding shool in Bombay for his studies. He was also a boxing champion in his school and wanted to be a professional boxer. In 1963 with the addition of his younger sister Kashmira, the family moved to London. It's history after that and I wont repeat it.
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    this is a nice one..
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    Another Interesting Story.

    Artist: Don Airey (Lengendary Keyboardist played for Black Sabbath, Rainbow,
    Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, etc..)

    Everyone knows about the tragic accident which caused the death of Randy Rhoads guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. There are a few theories of what caused the accident. I am not going to talk about that.

    The flight was stolen by Ozzy's tour truck driver from the neighbouring field. On his first flight, he took Don Airey and a few others with him. All of them had a nice flight and landed safely. On the second flight it was Randy Rhoads and you know what happened. What a tragic flight it was. It was either Don Airey or Randy Rhoads who was meant to be killed. Unfortunately Randy was the victim.
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    i kno dis one.. :p: :p:
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