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    Riff Of The Week.
    Hootie and the blowfish - Running from an angel

    Depending on the response we get, it'd be quite nice to have someone post a riff of the week/month for all practising guitarists to try out.

    ---------------5---------------5--5---------------------------5------- 5--------5-----------------
    --------4--4------6 ~ ----4---6--6--4-----4-----------4--4-----6 ~ ------6----4------4----------

    Some tips - (only try this if you are having problems playing it on your own... its much better to play the way it comes naturally to you.)
    -Place your fingers in the position to play C#m bar chord.
    -Don't remove your index finger which acts as a bar... you know, pressing all the chords. This is because until the very last note their is no note played which comes before the 4th fret on any string. And neither does any note go very far from the 4th. So you can play it quite easily. Its easier, believe me, though I don't play it this way.
    -Play it freely.

    If the tab doesn't come clearly, download the text attachment.

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  2. jayanth

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    Please post in courier Font.

  3. HellRazor

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    Good idea....:nw:
  4. jayanth

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    Soory My Edit did not work But if you have the original Tab then place it between the Font Tags.
  5. esgallindeion

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    Well... that's the original. I tabbed it myself.
  6. jayanth

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    The Cut The Part and place your original tab there
  7. NuageOutlaw

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  8. slash

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    m8, whats the timing like? mine doesnt sound right...:shutup:
  9. esgallindeion

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    Hmm.. hard to tell. WHy don't you dload it or add me to ur MSM and I'll share it with u.
  10. faiqgiant

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    cool one just got da hang of it

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