Resurrection VI - 1st Oct 2006 - FINAL UPDATE!!!

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    The wait is finally over as Resurrection roars into its 6th chapter as Mumbai%u2019s premier metal fest.

    Barcode Entertainment Presents RESURRECTION VI in association with FURTADOS,, Demonstealer Records & ROCK STREET JOURNAL.

    Visit for a whole lot of cool stuff!!

    This is one mother of a lineup and definitely one that will shake the very foundation of Razz.

    Cosmic Infusion - Symphonic Black Metal (Mumbai)
    One of the newer bands on the scene and making their 2nd appearance at Resurrection, CI features Satya(Drums) and Chetan(Vocals) from death metal band Disembodied Corpse. This band has already made a mark on the Mumbai and Pune scenes with their intense performances over the past few months. The band is known for the haunting and eerie atmosphere they create with their music. Apart from playing their own brand of Symphonic Black Metal, CI also does a mean cover of Dimmu Borgir %u2013 Mourning Palace.

    Narsil - Brutal Death Metal (Death Metal)
    A band that created waves even before they hit the stage. A string of releases online and one kick-ass single later Narsil was the most brutal band to come out of Delhi and when they finally got a line-up to play live which included Reuban (Drums) and Jonah (Bass) there was a heightened anticipation to watch them. Narsil makes their debut appearance in Mumbai at Resurrection VI and to celebrate they are also releasing a 5 song EP as part of %u2018Defaced and Split%u2019. This is one band you cannot miss!!!

    Kryptos - Melodic Thrash/Old School (Bangalore)
    The word Kryptos and Beer are synonymous. The band believes in good old school metal, lots of kegs of beer and denim (sometimes leather too). Kryptos are coming all the way from the garden city of Bangalore. Their critically acclaimed debut album %u2018Spiral Ascent%u2019 has earned them a large fan base all over the country. The will be kicking ass Resurrection with the old favorites like Descension , Clandestine Elements & Altered Destines along with new tracks like Liquid Grave & Trapped In Dali from their 2nd album which will be released early 2007. So fill up on beer at Resurrection VI and get ready for Kryptos!!!

    IIIrd Sovereign - Death Metal (Delhi/Aizwal)
    Their last performance at Resurrection V had left Mumbai in a daze. And the release of their EP earned them more fans. Their performance at this year%u2019s Independence Rock was missed by a lot of people and this is one place where they should not be missed. Back with their original line-up IIIrd sovereign is all set to bring down Razz like they did at the previous Resurrection%u2019s.

    Demonic Resurrection - Demonic Metal (Mumbai)
    Another one of those performances at I-Rock a lot of folks missed. Demonic Resurrection is currently touring with Rahul (Bhayanak Maut) on drums and are all set to kick some serious ass at this Resurrection. DR is known for their never say die attitude and their music reflects it. DR will also be launching their own line of T-shirts at the gig.

    Blackhole Theory %u2013 Death Metal (Pune)
    It has been a while since the Pune deathsters visited the city of Mumbai. This is one band that seems to get better with each performance and people can expect a killer performance from them this time as well. They are known for their songs like %u2018Shards of Narsil%u2019 and %u2018God Fears Me%u2019 and are all set to put up a great performance in Mumbai.

    Reptilian Death - Technical Brutal Death (Mumbai)
    Defunct since early 2005 and a few stray performances in early 2006 the band has been resurrected with a new line and is all set with a brand new EP to be released and a killer performance.

    Date : 1st October 2006
    Gates Open: 5:45pm
    Show: 6pm - 11:00pm
    Entry: Rs.200 @ the venue. (With Free CD and Magazine)
    Venue Address: Razzberry Rhinoceros, Inside Juhu Hotel, Juhu Beach. Ph - 26184012

    Barcode Entertainment will also be releasing 'THE RESURRECTION ZINE' Issue 3 at the gig which will be given FREE to everyone who comes for the gig. The magazine will feature interviews with some of the best local extreme metal talent, articles, reviews etc. So be there and make sure you take home this limited edition, collectors Zine because it will never be re-printed.

    Also this time Demonstealer Records is releasing their new %u2018split%u2019 CD titled %u2018Defaced and Split%u2019 featuring EP%u2019s by Narsil, Exhumation, Reptilian Death and Warface (USA) which will be give FREE at the gig with entry. To read more about the CD visit

    So everyone mark your calendars, save you money and get ready for Resurrection!!!!!

    Lets hope to see everyone there. Please spread the word to all your friends, relatives, enemies, pets etc etc and lets have a kickass time!!

    For questions, queries etc email barcode_entertainment at or call 9820643313

    Its a Barcode Entertainment Event!!!!

    Edit: Changed the email id thing.
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    Damn, I wish I was in Mumbai.

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    me too.... *sighs*

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