Request tab for Boulevard of broken dreams- Green day

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  1. Ayswarya

    Ayswarya New Member

    Hi All,

    I need guitar tab for 'boulevard of broken dreams' by Green day. If anyone have plz send asap.

    Thanks in advance
  2. andhura

    andhura New Member

    That song has never been tabbed before and never will.
  3. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member


    who said ??

    the whole tabs doesnot fit in this space, so attachin as text for perfection !


    NjoY guD ppL...........

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  4. Ayswarya

    Ayswarya New Member

    hi Thanx for tabs. I have a doubt.

    | |------------------------------------------|
    | |----------6--6-6-8--8-8-7--7-7----------|
    | |--3--3-3-6--6-6-8--8-8-7--7-7-6-6-2-2--|
    | |--3--3-3-4--4-4-6--6-6-5--5-5-6-6-2-2--|
    | |--1--1-1-----------------------4-4-0-0--|

    means whether high E, B and G shud be fretted at 1st, 3 rd and 3rd frets resp and strum all the strings? Correct me if am wrong.
  5. andhura

    andhura New Member

    Where did you find this!? I have been looking for this for like 5.5 years now! Thank you thank you. /sarcasm

    I generally wouldn't put the /sarcasm but at the IGT there is no concept of sarcasm.
  6. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member

    @ anudhrua

    the things i have tabbed will not be available anywwher !!

    its for personel use !! :D ...

    m ready to share, but sm1 shld ask :) ...


    @ ayshwarya

    actully those are power chords ! so no barring iz needed, just hold the positions and strum those strings only !!
  7. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

  8. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member


    cool finding bro !!
    but if u found them correct y ddnt you help them at first place !!!
    y ddnt u kno which version was perfect amng them ... ??


    the one u hav got has got corrections... k.. man

    help boy.. live ur lyf.. .k...
    huh !
  9. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    try'n be better nex time lil boy... dont fool around ppl.. ur papa is watchin you..
  10. tababunga

    tababunga New Member

    The tabs with the video can be found at
  11. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member

    papa watch me better..


    who cares !!

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