Request: Rahen na rahen hum

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    Requesting for the chords of this old number by Lata Mangeshkar (Film: Mamta). Beautiful song, I'd be happy if somebody posts the chords.
  2. joydeep1978

    joydeep1978 New Member

    still waiting for this.... :(
  3. jimihndrx

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    Song- Rahe Na Rahe Hum
    Film- Mamta(1966)
    Lyrics- Majrooh Sultanpuri
    Music- Roshan
    Singer- Lata Mangeshkar

    Here are the chords..

    Ra(G)he naa ra(G)he hum, mehkaa ka(C)rengey..banke ka(G)li..banke sa(D)baa baagey wa(C)faa (D)mein..aey..aey (G)aey..

    Ra(G)he na ra(G)he hum..

    Mausam ko(G)yi ho iss cha(Am)man mein rang (C)banke rahen(D)gey hum khi(C)raah..(G)

    Chaahat ki (G)khushboo, yun hi (Am)zulfon se u(C)degi, khizaa..(D)ho yaa ba(C)ha..(G)..aar

    Yunhi jhum(G)te..(C)yuhin jhum(G)te..aur khilte ra(C)hengey..
    ..banke ka(G)li..banke sa(D)baa baagey wa(C)faa (D)mein..aey..aey (G)aey..

    ra(G)he na ra(G)he hum..

    rest of the song is same

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  4. joydeep1978

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    Thanks jimihndrx!! I will try them and let you know how the song sounds. Sorry for not showing up for the last few days.
  5. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    @ Joydeep U r welcome.

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