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Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by arunrx, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. arunrx

    arunrx Banned

    Can the mods create an index of songs on alphabetical order?

    There are many complete Chord/Tab posts inside the forums. It will be nice if an index is created for those selected tabs(complete and right), and the index should redirect to the appropriate forum. The search option doesn't help out much.

    An index will make browsing easy and can avoid duplicate postings. Or is there any reason that we have not kept an index so far?
  2. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    This was exactly the same question in my mind when i joined IGT. But soon it realized myself that its not possible in forums when you dont differenciate in the posts which are combination of casual communication and of the actual submission.

    First of all, no one gonna take the pain of looking each post in each thread to index the submission. And secondly, this style is not scalable at all for the future submissions.

    What IGT should look at the way to differenciate the submission posts from chitchat. Whenever someone is going to post, (s)he should be given a different form which explicitly ask for Artist, Song Title etc in proper format and give you area to submit or upload your work. Only this approach can help indexing all the songs sorted by artist or title plus number of viewers so far.

    I think that MODs+Admins will consider this suggestion for IGT v.Next.

    Actually i find it very annoying so i took initiative to index alteast my work.
  3. arunrx

    arunrx Banned

    Yo man, you are right and I thought of suggesting the same if keeping an index is impossible.

    While creating/submitting a new post, the user should be given options to select like tabs/chords/requests/general discussion/review and whatever is relevant and brief. And the search utility should contain the same options.
  4. death angel

    death angel the messenger from hell

    itll take the fun outta it....
    then IGT will become one of those sucky chords/tabs site
    and noone will talk to anyone
  5. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    Well..i do see your concern but there are other very good ways through which you can still make fun in IGT the way it is now. I have seen those sucky chords/tabs site whether no1 talk to any1 simply because they dont provide you to comment on posts.

    My recommendation is that we will still be keeping the thread like the way it is now i.e. you can have embedded posts and submissions but your submissions will have metadata associated with it which will allow one to have other useful functionality.

    What will be require in this case it to supply 3 to 4 additional info iff you want to post the submissions. Thats all. Your submission will be in the normal thread as it is now but will have side-link to go to additional info. Though people may / may not use that additional info frequently. But this will hugely help to have functionality like "Indexing all the posts", "Finding all the submissions from a user" and definitely more.

    I am saying it again, this will give more fun.
  6. somendra_guitar

    somendra_guitar New Member

    sure there should be an index

    ya but the job of arranging it is very very diffi

    but it can be done gradually!!! :p:
  7. arunrx

    arunrx Banned

    Yes, Somendra will do it for us!!! :))
  8. somendra_guitar

    somendra_guitar New Member

    man sure i wud do it wait for 3-4 yrs i'll do it
  9. shantanukr

    shantanukr yEh DiL mAanGe m0rE

    Its actually very much required... Sometimes Search option also doesn't help up to a better extent, as Results are not refined ...

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