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    Hey guys send your requests for chords or tabs of any hindi song on this thread. I'll surely reply to your querries asap. :)
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    pls send me d tabs of aas paas hai khuda
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    plz tell i can read TABS...........??
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    How To Read The Tabs?

    Let us look at an example so that it will become easy for you to understand. I've given below the tabs of song "Happy Birthday To You" which goes like this :

    Part I


    Part II


    The above tabs may scare some of you but fear not as they are very easy to read and understand. In the first part the numbers 0-0-2-0-5-4... and so on represents the frets of the G string (4th string of your guitar from top) which we have to play. Zer0 (0) represents that we have to play open string. So the sequence of playing the part I will be like this :

    1. First play the open G string.

    2. Then again play the open G string.

    3. Then 2nd fret of G string.

    4. Then open G string.

    5. Then 5th fret of G string.

    6. Then 6th fret of G string and so on....

    The string changes from G to B in part I. So the 3rd fret is played on the B string. The rest notes are to be played like this in the 2nd part also. One disadvantage of guitar tabs is that it does not specify how long should you hold a note so it is better if you listen to the song so that you can figure out how long you have to hold a particular note.

    Hey this is just a part of what i've uploaded on my blog. I've written a complete post on How to read guitar tabs on my blog. Go to the link given above of Aas Pas Hai Khuda - Anjaana Anjaani - Guitar Chords and then click on Lessons and Tips. There you will find the link to get the complete detailed instructions on How To Read Guitar Tabs. And yes sorry as I am not allowed to post the direct link to that post by the super-admin so you have to go to that page like this. Cheers.
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    Hey can you tell me what are the different parts of guitar called and what are their uses????
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    Hey bhilairockers, here is what you want :

    Main Parts of a Guitar :

    1. Head – (or the “headstock”) is the uppermost part of the guitar.

    2. Tuning pegs/ keys – They are used for tuning the strings. They are turned either left or right to adjust the pitch of a guitar strings.

    3. Fretboard - The fretboard is the front part of the guitar, it is also called “fingerboard”. They are commonly made of rosewood. On it there are a number of metal frets, usually 20 to 24.

    4. Frets - The small piece that divides the fingerboard is called frets. The fret holds the strings in different lengths so that when you press it and strum the strings, different pitches are produced.

    5. Nut – All strings pass through the nut at the end of the fretboard. It roughly divides the fretboard and headstock. Its function is to maintain proper string spacing and provide an endpoint for the string.

    hey I've writen a post regarding this on my blog you can visit it on Know Your Guitar – #1. Parts Of Acoustic Guitar | My Six Strings Blog.
    As it is not possible for me to write the complete thing again here so kindly have a look at it there. :)
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    Song Name - Dil ko tumse pyar hua
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    HOW TO PLAY THIS song I search every whre but didnt succed any one help me plz


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