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    ;) Hi___ Dear Guiter Experts,

    I do vocal and play guitar too. But I could never take lessons on these subjects due to the unavaliability of facility and resources in my location. Now, I have started vocal course for which I have to travel almost 270kM from my place on monthly basis. But its okey for and planning to guiter course - i.e "Notation" too. I love music and it always surround my heart &b mind. The most musical instrument I loved most is the GUITAR. I do play Guitar(both Rythms and leads - kind of soft & heavy rock and hindhi too) but never got good on it. Recently, I have come across this forum and found very useful. I took some exercises/tabs and tried and found execellent.

    In this regard, I am here seeking for any GUITAR EXPERTS who can kindly give me some instructions along with the GUITAR lessons/Notations - begining from the basic. I shall be eagarly waiting for the responses from the GREAT GUITERIEST. Please write back.

    <HIMALAYANS> :cool:

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