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    Thanks go to all members of IGT n viewers as well. I am new to it. All i can Say I hav been benifitted from the posts for i have been able to play some of my favourite songs with a perfect chordal accompanoment. I am really excited. Could anyone pls post some Silajit Song chords of my request.
    I list the songs bellow.
    (i) Sajani (ii) Maniktalar More (iii) Oasis (iv) Ja Pakhi (V) Bajlo****ir Ghanta. and many more. Thanks in advance.
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    the chord progression is quite simple

    C F (/Dm)
    buke amar baruder basha sajoni

    G C
    spinal chord din ratrir sholte

    C Dm
    bisforoner bhoy niye tai parini

    F G C
    tomar sathe paye paye poth cholte

    the cycle of C - Dm - G - C goes on repeating throughout the song

    and ends with
    Dm G C
    khoti hole hoto volcanori dosh

    Please let me know if you need a further detailed reply or this suffices
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