request chords for "eto sur ar eto gaan"

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  1. villager

    villager New Member

    hello friends,
    recently i came across this beautiful song called "eto sur ar eto gaan" by, i believe, srikanto acharya (i may be wrong on this, so please correct me if that's the case). could someone kindly post the chords to the song please. i ve been dying to play it but cant seem to be able to figure out the right progression. i m relatively new at playing the guitar so i m still pretty bad at it. thank you all in advance.
  2. villager

    villager New Member

    keo ei ganta ki shune nai? no one knows the chords?
    i am a novice and i'm still learning how to play the guitar. if someone can figure out the chords and and be kind enough to post them here i would be very grateful. thanks.

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