REQ : Yeh chaand sa roshan chehra

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  1. mano_91

    mano_91 New Member

    Hello :)

    can i please have the guitar tabs for this song
    yeh chaand sa roshan chehra zulfo ka rang sunehra

    p.s can i have the easy tabs because im a beginner

    thanks :)
  2. ashish_gemini03

    ashish_gemini03 New Member

    hey this is an amazing song.. even i am a starter at guitar.. Please someone post chords for this song...
  3. Aditya Shardul

    Aditya Shardul New Member

    well i guess this is what it should be like,

    Yeh chaand saa roshan chehara,
    Zulfon kaa rang sunahara...
    Yeh jheel si nelee aankhein,
    Koi raaz hain in mein gahara...
    F Bb C F
    Taareef karon kya uski, jis ne tumhe banaaya!

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