REQ: why does my guitar go out of tune frequently?

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  1. milesfastguy

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    hi to all IGTians. guys this post is dedicated to tuning of da acoustic guitar. i started this thread to get my questions answered n also coz i feel dat it will be of a grt help 4 beginners.
    ok now the BIG question i wanna ask is--WHY DOES MY GUITAR GO OUT OF TUNE SO FREQUENTLY?? guys im using pc based Audio PHonics Guitar tunes my guitar pretty fine but the prob is it keeps on going out of tune. i hav to tune my guitar at least once every week or else i sound weird!!
    so guys is this natural or a prob?? i hav heard its natural 4 da guitar to lose tune due to factors like regular playing, temperatuer, humidity etc. here i want to tell u dat i play my guitar at least once or twice every day. so guya if this is natural then wats da normal time 4 it to remain in tune. or how frequently shud we tune da guitar??
    another question--wat do u think is da best method of tuning?? this pc software is cool but u need to be in low noise conditions else it sometimes gives wrong results. once i was tuning a string up n up n da software wasnt locating da note n da result was dat my string broke....this has hapnd more than once.
    so plz advice.......milesfaster..........
  2. alpha1

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    The best method of tuning is to use your ears to tune the strings.

    As far as guitar getting outta tune is concerned - there can be many reasons. But string quality is also of great importance.

    I have D'Dadario (or whatever that name is) strings. But the A string is Karuna.

    WHENEVER I pick up the guitar, its this A string that I have to tune. No other string but this one.

    Hence, Karuna seems to be the culprit.

    Similarly in your case - it might be the lesser quality strings.
  3. majorfunky

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    if guitar is tuned daily and played atleast for 10 min it will not go out of tune very bad

    new guitar need more tunning

    fine tunning is needed everytime u play it

    if it goes grossly out of tunning, and its not a very new guitar, do change all the strings and give a try..remember to change all strings...

    dont keep it near a place where it gets sun day time and AC in night time.keep it in a place where temp flucuation is not much

    do reply back..if this works. bye
  4. noorha

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    When you initially fit new strings, ensure you stretch them to ensure they don't go out of tune.....
    Secondly, you may be stringing the guitar in the wrong on youtube for how to string your guitar and lots of good examples are provided...
    once you've ruled out both these reasons....the only thing i think of is take it to a guitar shop and have the tuning keys checked or changed....



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