Req (tabs,chords):Self Torture by Andrew Bird

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    I honestly tried to figure it out...the intro's on the Dm chord played on the fifth fret...sticking a capo there..the first 2 chords would be Am and C..that's about as far as I got.Can anyone figure the rest of the chords?
    And I'd really appreciate it if someone tabbed it!(if it helps 100000 points if anyone does tab 'em correctly.)
  2. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    (Am)I.....(G)knew this one (C)girl
    (E)Drowned in her own (Am)curls
    (F)Candy colored (C)swirls
    That (E)never seemed to (Am)end

    (Am)How I (G)could not (C)comprehend
    Half (E)what she said to (Am)me
    (F)So casual(C)ly
    (E)All our tender ears would (Am)bend

    (C)Tales of ritual (F)self torture
    She's (E)making you (Am)abort (F)all (C)your
    (E)Most carefully laid (F)plans
    (E)To make a final (Am)stand
    (E)Rest the world to (Am)hand
    (E)Scoreless victory for serendipi(Am)ty

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