REQ: strumming pattern for Dum Maaro Dum

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  1. sushant_3k

    sushant_3k New Member

    Can anybody here help me out with the strumming pattern of Dum Maaro Dum?
  2. aishes

    aishes New Member

    Hi Sush
    well I really dn knw exactly how to write the strumming, but I'll have a go...
    D = Down stroke
    U= Up stroke
    B= Break/pause(I hope u knw how to give break while strumming)
    (DB)= breaks follows the down stroke very quickly
    (UB)= break follows the up stroke very quickly
    here we go...

    D (DB) D U (UB) U D U D

    Thats about it, try it and please let me know how it went.
    Good Luck
  3. sushant_3k

    sushant_3k New Member

    thanx buddy,

    i will try soon, and will let u know
  4. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    the part before the pause choes
    D D DUDUD D D  DD    Duniya ne humko.. etc
    Dm    Dm      A     Dm 

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