Req : Strumming pattern for Chupke se aaye by Atif Aslam

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by gambetta, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. gambetta

    gambetta New Member

    Can anyone please submit the strumming pattern for Atif Aslam's Chupke se aaye. The chords have been posted in a previous link but i wanted to know the strumming pattern.
  2. ishant007

    ishant007 New Member

    got it

    D=down stroke
    U=up stroke
    *=loud stroke
    ' =mild stroke
    /=a small gap of half a sec

    D*D*/D'U'D'U'D'U'/ D*D*
    listen to the song properly n where did u find the chords for the same song

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